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Rubdown Transfers

Rubdowns, transfers or INTs whatever you choose to call them, we make them every day for clients all over the world. All of our transfers are done using a registered adhesive method of production. What does this mean? It means that the glue is imaged just like any other ink and remains only on the image. There is no need for a thinner like Bestine to clean up excess residue. Our transfers are completely residue-free.

Here is a video of a transfer being made and applied at our studio. Paul Sahre is applying a 3-color single sheet transfer to a model rocket for a project. Colors used are silver, red and black. Video graciously provided by Joe Hollier.

We begin with the clear, semi-rigid carrier film which holds the transfer prior to application. This determines the finish of our transfers. Most people do not know that transfers can be semi-gloss (our default transfer), glossy or matte. Next is the ink layer or layers. Lastly, the ink image is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The ink can be in virtually any color of your choice as an ink or as a foil. It can be translucent or opaque and we regularly make single-sheet transfers of multiple colors in register.

These are silver rubdown transfers being applied to red pleather for The Four Seasons Restaurant wine menu prototype. After client approval, we completed 30 custom wine menus

The thumbnail for this page was done as a single-sheet 15-color transfer with the glue on the front. The left-image is what shows through the door at the Stella McCartney store in New York's Meatpacking District when you enter and the right image is what you see when you are leaving. The transfer was done in order as KCMY, White (2 hits), Silver (reflected the light back and made transfer completely opaque), White (2 hits), YMCK, clear ink (creates a membrane to hold the 150 line screen dots of the 4-color process) and finally glue on top so it will apply to the inside of the door right reading and be completely opaque and residue-free. Two images in one transfer! And it is still on the door five years after its initial application.